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"I was impressed by the ability of the team at Resolution Research® to complete all the work we assigned to them on time, if not before it was due. Their research is always thorough and comprehensive, and their direct marketing exemplary. As a matter of fact Resolution Research has proved to be so reliable and trustworthy that we have trusted their team to conduct certain highly sensitive and confidential marketing assignments we had never previously allowed off premises."

Chris Findlater
CEO NetQuote

> Customer Satisfaction

Maintaining and improving consumer satisfaction are obvious prerequisites to success. The right research can provide the answers necessary to optimize the growth of your business and the retention of your existing customer base.

Research for a provider of long distance services shows that customer retention and satisfaction is dramatically influenced by the average wait required to reach a customer service representative -- the longer the wait, the lower the ratings of customer satisfaction across the board. In other words, long wait times might alter the customer's perception with regard to other aspects of the business such as call clarity and billing accuracy where there may be no problem at all.

> Customer Attrition

Whatever the term -- attrition, disenrollment, churn, dissatisfaction -- it all comes down to simple reality -- lost customers equal lost revenues and diminished good will! There may never be a more crucial time for research than when attrition rates are on the rise. If this is the case in your company, good research can help find out why it's happening and how the trend can be reversed.

A city college experiencing dropping enrollment and suspecting a problem with curriculum or instructors finds that female attendance has suffered because of security issues.

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