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> Increase Sales & Maximize your Marketing Investment with B2B Lead Generation.

Resolution Research, Inc’s® professional Lead Generation Services will:     

  • Generate new, high-quality phone or in-person appointments with targeted, qualified decision-makers;
  • Leverage your sales team’s time;
  • Boost rapport for future contact;
  • Reduce costs per lead;
  • Increase sales and profits;
  • Help fend off any recession-like woes.

Resolution Research is an expert in the field of telephone lead generation and has engineered and executed many successful campaigns over the past 15 years.  By using seasoned researchers who are adept in pinpointing decision-makers and highly proficient at gathering information, Resolution Research provides top-shelf service and actionable leads.  Lists and scripts are programmed into our software system, which is an excellent call-management tool that provides tracking, follow-up, and accurate information.  

The Resolution Lead Generation Leads, not Lists Campaign can provide any or all of the following as designed to fit your needs: 

  • Determine the exact contact person for future follow-up;
  • Share initial details & descriptions of your product or service;
  • Identify the scope of future client needs;
  • Collect preferred method of contact as well as accurate contact info;
  • Set appointments for calls, demonstrations, mailings, etc.;
  • Identify competitors and help make things happen.

In conjunction with lead generation services, Resolution Research & Marketing, Inc. can also provide the following services: 

· Campaign Development: Resolution Research is well-versed in the overall set-up and design of lead generation and offers consultation services to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign. 

·  Script Writing:  One significant component of all lead generation campaigns is the script design.  This includes, but is not limited to, deciding what questions should be asked and what information should be collected. By pulling from our experience with research survey design and a marketing mindset, scripts ensure all pertinent information is properly gathered and shared.

·  Target Research & List Building: When a company needs help identifying targets before campaign commencement, Resolution Research thoroughly explores client markets and industries to build a list of contacts as needed.

·  Database Management & Cleaning: Client and prospect databases quickly become outdated, resulting in loss of time and efficiency.  Systematically checking and updating databases saves time and money and helps strengthen your customer relationship.

·  Survey Research:  Lead generation, marketing, and research effectively go hand-in-hand.  Resolution Research specializes in conducting survey research and has completed studies on such topics as customer satisfaction, determination of competitors, and marketing effectiveness.

We’d be delighted to strategize with you to design an excellent, result-producing campaign. Please contact us for more information!

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