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"I was impressed by the ability of the team at Resolution Research® to complete all the work we assigned to them on time, if not before it was due. Their research is always thorough and comprehensive, and their direct marketing exemplary. As a matter of fact Resolution Research has proved to be so reliable and trustworthy that we have trusted their team to conduct certain highly sensitive and confidential marketing assignments we had never previously allowed off premises."

Chris Findlater
CEO NetQuote

> Maximize your trade show, seminar or conference investment

Boost your traffic and increase results at these types of events with our Traffic Generation service. Resolution Research® will help you:
  • Drive qualified, targeted traffic to your exhibit;
  • Build excitement & good will;
  • Strengthen your brand;
  • Build rapport for future contact;
  • Increase your sales.
Our friendly and professional staff will make personalized phone contact with prospects and clients before the event by calling your list of event attendees to extend a personal invitation to visit your booth. We’ll follow-up the telephone communication with a customized email or fax, ensuring that your information is in their hands.

Resolution Research can also secure in-person appointments with interested prospects at the show. We confirm the appointment with an email to reiterate & spotlight company benefits, as well as meeting details that include location, date, time, etc.

More and more trade show attendees are planning ahead and determining beforehand which exhibits they want to visit. Catch these potential buyers by marketing to them in advance.

Resolution Research’s Traffic Generation service will help maximize attendance at your events and increase sales, using these four steps to success:

  1. Initial Call
    The calling process typically begins two to three weeks prior to the event. The initial call reviews the features & benefits gained by visiting your exhibit, extends the invite, and confirms attendance. Respondents’ information in your database is also verified, creating an up-to-date marketing list. Of course, if the respondent is interested in speaking to someone at your company immediately, we promptly notify you.
  2. Initial Confirmation Email
    Resolution Research emails or faxes confirmation letters and materials to interested attendees.
  3. Confirmation Call
    Resolution Research calls attendees to confirm his/her visit to your exhibit and/or appointment a few days prior to the event. We speak with the contact directly or leave a detailed message.
  4. Final Confirmation Email
    Resolution Research emails or faxes a final reminder to attendee a few business days prior to the event.

This process can be customized as needed, depending on your target market, industry, budget, etc.

  • Contact us for more information or click here to request a quote.

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