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> Survey Design & Development

Resolution Research® has the experience and expertise needed to support or manage your survey design and development. Of course, it's not quite as simple as just asking seemingly relevant questions. The way in which queries are articulated, structured and sequenced can have a huge impact on the success, accuracy and reliability of survey results. Our seasoned design and development staff can lift the burden off your shoulders by assuring that surveys are user-friendly and statistically valid.

> Consulting

Let our top-notch consultants work with you to design and develop your research project. With a multitude of experience, we have the capability to step in at any phase of project development to offer assistance, feedback, and direction.

> Programming

Resolution Research has extensive experience programming complex as well as simple surveys (including programs for data entry and telephone, online and paper surveys), managing sample & quota files and producing tables & charts. Our programming director oversees the testing and verification of all programming and systems prior to project commencement and consistently checks the functionality & progress of every campaign throughout its duration. Resolution uses The Survey System software, used in over 40 countries around the world, to conduct most of its surveys and a large portion of its analysis. Resolution Research also works in SPSS, Excel, Access and other programs to meet the needs of our clients.

> Analysis & Reporting

Critical to the outcome of any research project is the quality of analysis and interpretation applied to the data collected. At Resolution Research, we have the tools, knowledge and experience to assure this vital and key element of research. Our analysts are considered among the finest in the industry. Their academic credentials include advanced degrees from the universities of Chicago, Columbia and Harvard, as well as the Burke Institute. Thanks to the statistical and quantitative skills that we bring to the table, Resolution Research is positioned to provide the kind of interpretation and planning that turns your data into valid, applicable and dependable knowledge.

At Resolution Research, our core business relies on our integrated research software,, for most of our analyses & reporting needs. This system produces all types of reports, including not only frequency tables with the standard means, medians, rankings, t-tests, etc., but also descriptive, correlation, regression & ANOVA statistics. Once such applications are employed, other software packages such as SPSS, demographic modeling and mapping programs, can be used to further evaluate results as needed.

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