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“There's a way to do it better. Find it!”
Thomas A. Edison

Resolution Research® has the experience needed to assist with your advertising research and testing. Research can be conducted before the advertising runs (pre-test) and/or after the campaign has commenced (post-test), conducted with a sample of the eventual target audience to measure awareness, effectiveness and so forth. This type of research can be conducted for any type of campaign, including radio & TV ads, online ads and print ads, using different types of research methodologies – from phone to internet to focus groups and intercepts. Individual elements of campaigns can be tested as well, including slogans, spokespersons, colors, animation, music, etc.

Advertising Research Example: Resolution Research has conducted numerous surveys with citizens regarding their perceptions, awareness and actions stimulated by advertisements addressing newly introduced laws or campaigns for citizen safety. Some of the recent campaigns include seat belt adherence (“Click it or Ticket”, which is recognized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as their most successful seat belt enforcement campaign ever) and drinking & driving/DUI awareness (“The HEAT is On” is one example).

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