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Whether you have an existing list of clients, members, or prospects or need to access our panel of respondents, Resolution Research can host and indiscernibly manage your Internet surveys. Audio & video presentations can be applied in a web survey, as well as still pictures, graphics, and of course your company’s logo and other branding elements. In addition, such web surveys provide secure, real-time, online reports. Finally, our computer-aided web interviewing system (CAWI) integrates seamlessly with our CATI system easily accommodating for a duet of blended web & telephone methodologies including recruit-to-web surveys.

The internet has been a natural segue to apply creative, forward-thinking methods to our proven systems which maximize participation while preserving top-quality data collection. This electronic methodology includes, but is not limited to, strategic email campaigns managed through a tracking system which not only monitors, tallies and updates bounced email addresses but also pinpoints unopened emails and partial completes for follow-up.


“Well done! You got the results to us even a day early. Also, we enjoyed working with you and will for sure work with you again in future.”

- Henni Ahvenlampi, Founder of Netcycler, Helsinki, Finland

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