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"Working with Resolution Research was a positive, professional, and seamless experience. The information that was provided for the research that was conducted was quite instrumental during our city's election process."

Sally Wagner - Castle Pines
Recreation Group
Castle Pines, CO

> Telephone Surveys (CATI)

Resolution Research® specializes in telephone research. We believe that the telephone is one of the best tools available for conducting accurate and cost-effective research projects, large and small. Perhaps the greatest advantage of telephone research lies in the capability of properly configured systems to manage, capture, process and instantaneously validate data. This capability serves to streamline the research process by eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone step of physically handling, interpreting and inputting data. The benefit is clear, accurate and coherent information ready for immediate use. No other method allows equivalent control of the data collection schedule and thus the matching delivery requirements. There is also an important human/relational side to telephone surveys. With the exception of direct in-person interviews, no other form of research lends itself as well to the high level of personal contact and, therefore, impact on customer relationships and corporate goodwill. This approach has the added benefit of allowing the researcher to effectively convey the degree to which the customer's viewpoint counts, as well as the company’s appreciation for the respondent’s participation and/or patronage.
The personal contact associated with telephone surveys also allows for an increased level of probing and clarification that is essential to quality data collection. When a respondent gives a vague or incomplete answer, our researchers are trained and ready with the appropriate follow-up questions. This degree of interaction ensures thorough and complete data with vital depth.

Resolution Research utilizes computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) workstations. Our systems incorporate state-of-the-art software that not only dials and efficiently manages the outgoing or incoming telephone numbers of respondents, but also prompts the researcher to ask the correct questions based upon built-in skip and rotation patterns written especially for your study. Survey results are instantaneously recorded and inputted into the relevant database. Each telephone dial produces a call result record, which in turn furnishes an overall report of all calls. Resolution Research can provide the collected data in any format required, including electronic file transfer to mainframe, ftp, email, printed tables, formal presentation, etc... In addition, collected data (or your existing database) can be integrated, standardized, augmented and verified, to cleanse and model information for superior business intelligence. Of course, all collected data can be stored for future use, facilitating trend analyses and comparisons at any level.

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