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"Communication between our research staff and Resolution Research® was always positive and clear. I was especially impressed during our recent deadline at the end of the project when the recruiters at Resolution Research seemingly worked night and day to enroll the last very difficult subjects. They seemed to care about the study as if it were their own. Additionally the costs of working with Resolution Research® were quite reasonable and much more efficient than trying to recruit potential participants with our own resources."

Sally Ann Rhea
Research Coordinator

> Questionnaire Design & Development

Asking the Right Questions
It's not quite as simple as just asking a lot of seemingly relevant questions. The way in which queries are articulated, structured, and sequenced can have a huge impact on the success and accuracy of a survey. Depending on your needs, we can assist you with questionnaire design and development to whatever extent necessary. We'll help you get from start to finish or anywhere in between. Our seasoned design and development staff, can take the burden off your shoulders by making sure that surveys are user friendly and statistically valid. Here's the process we follow in questionnaire development:
  • Step 1: Determining what you need to know and for what purpose.

  • Step 2: Identifying who should be surveyed - clients, target market, competition, etc.

  • Step 3: Calculating the sample size of the population to be surveyed.

  • Step 4: Defining how the data should be collected, whether by telephone, mail, the Internet or focus groups.

  • Step 5: Developing and refining the questionnaire to assure optimum survey performance and results.

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