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Whereas Resolution Research is devoted primarily to market research, we have a small, but very creative separate marketing division, MARK, that can develop or support virtually any type of marketing, branding, or advertising campaign desired.

Not surprisingly, Resolution Research is well-prepared to assist in the application of the results and information obtained during the course of market research performed. From brief consultation to extensive involvement in the development of response and follow-through strategies, the experience and creativity of the Resolution Research marketing division is always available to our clients.
Here is one example: We worked with a high-profile Bay Area Dental practice intent on maximizing the potential of its strongest area of specialization. In analyzing the needs and priorities of this client, we incorporated the benefits of research into a low-cost, well-targeted radio ad campaign. MARK handled the copy-writing of the spots (testing them prior to launch), determined the selection of the stations and ad schedule, and of course, measured and analyzed results to help the practice determine its future marketing course.

 Take a further look at services offered under our MARK division:

Let MARK, Resolution Research marketing division, help you put your research results to practice.

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