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"As a result of RRMI's dependability, accessibility and consistent commitment to the highest quality of work product, RRMI has become our firm's primary research partner in the U.S. They distinguish their company by providing thoughtful, problem solving assistance whenever the inevitable challenges associated with the finding elusive target populations arise."

Mike Malone, CEO, Momentum Market Intelligence

> Knowledge is Power

“Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success.”
Henry Ford

How often do you hear that we're living in the information age? In fact, we're experiencing an age of almost overwhelming information in scope, speed and complexity. Whether in business or politics, healthcare or education, science or sports, information has become an indispensable cornerstone in planning, building, and decision making. But information alone is not enough. To be valuable -- to be powerful -- information must be accurate, meaningful, and well-organized. It is at this point that the building block of information becomes the foundation of knowledge and the empowerment of the decision-making process.

At Resolution Research®, we truly believe in this nexus of data, knowledge and power. As our name would suggest, research = resolution. Of course, it's not quite that easy. To acquire knowledge through research, important questions must be formulated, asked, and answered. As one of the nation's premier marketing research firms, our role is to help you get the right answers to the critical issues facing your organization and translate those answers into a powerful tool for the achievement of your goals.

To accomplish this, we provide a full range of top-quality services in questionnaire design and development, database management and collection, tabulation, statistical analysis, and marketing. Our experienced staff of researchers and analysts will help collect and process the information necessary for you to respond with more certainty and efficiency to our ever-changing and challenging environment.

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