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Working with the team at Resolution Research was an absolute pleasure. If we have survey work, or know of others who are in need of the services offered by Resolution Research, we'll definitely send them their way. !”

Annette Phillipp, PhD, MPH
Institute of Rural Health

> Why choose Resolution Research?

“Quality means doing it right, even when no one is looking.”
Henry Ford

Quality, Service, Value, Timeliness
There are many marketing research firms out there. So, what sets Resolution Research & Marketing, Inc. apart?

First and foremost, Resolution offers a keen awareness of your needs. This means fairness and competitiveness in pricing, superior accuracy and timeliness in the collection of data, organization and readability in the presentation of results, statistical validity in all analyses, and the highest courtesy and professionalism during interviews and surveys. We truly take the time to communicate with you and understand the nuances and goals associated with each project. And, from the start of your research project through completion, specific researchers work on your project, so you always know who to contact with any questions or concerns. We never forget that it's your organization's image and reputation on the line every time we conduct a study.

> Assisting other research companies

If your firm is overloaded with work and needs to sub-contract with a dependable research firm that can give you accurate results cost-effectively and on-time, contact us.


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