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"The Resolution Research® staff was able to interview customers regarding very sensitive issues in a highly respectful and professional manner. The results were written and presented in a useful, clear and uncomplicated format that made maximum use of the data."

Michael Montgomery
Senior Director
Devereux Cleo Wallace

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Engaged, Committed, Experienced!
Because the collection and processing of accurate data depends on having qualified & intelligent researchers, Resolution Research® employs only highly experienced and trained researchers and analysts.

We all know that people do make the difference. No matter how often repeated, the best equipment and technology in the world isn't enough if the people behind the infrastructure are not committed, honest, competent, and reliable. So despite our high-tech world, we consider ourselves at Resolution Research to be essentially a "people business." Simply put, we assure from top to bottom that our people have the capability and understanding to deliver what we promise.

Nina Nichols, founder and principal, brings extensive training and years of experience in data collection and analysis. Her extensive and diverse career has always involved the gathering and use of information in enhancing the decision-making process. Through the creation of Resolution Research in 1990, Ms. Nichols has consolidated that know-how into one of the finest sources of data gathering and information available.

Advanced Statisticians: Our statistical analysts are among the foremost in the nation with over 75 years combined experience and credentials that include degrees from University of Chicago, Columbia University, Cornell and the Advance Institute at Harvard University. They have taught, consulted, and lectured extensively and are responsible for the publication of numerous highly acclaimed books and articles. In close collaboration with Resolution Research, they provide our clients with an unsurpassed level of expertise and sophistication in the field of statistical analysis.

Research Staff and Training: Before the start of each project, we provide each member of the staff with a detailed training packet that describes the specifications of the project, information about the client, and exact how-to guides. We then implement testing through the use of mock surveys to guarantee that each researcher is fully prepared to carry out his or her role. Staff is constantly monitored and random checks are conducted daily to verify the accuracy and efficiency of each researcher's performance.



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