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"We have been extremely pleased with your work and will definitely use Resolution Research® in the future."

David N. Gans - Medical Group Management Association
Englewood, CO

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Resolution Research® specializes in telephone research. We believe that the telephone is one of the best tools available for conducting accurate and cost-effective research projects -- large and small. For more than a decade, our telephone projects have included studies that have required the completion of up to 200,000 surveys and the issuance of over 20,000 pages of reports. Some of our studies have involved multi-quarter and multi-year commitments, while others have required immediate time-critical response. Regardless of size or cost, however, we approach each and every project with the same commitment to reinforcing our reputation for excellence and reliability.

Unlike many other research methods, the telephone allows quick and direct access to the broadest or narrowest selection of respondents. The uncertainty and wait times of direct mail are avoided as are the market skews of in-house surveys or the limited market input of focus groups or intercept surveys. In contrast to paper surveys, data is recorded as the respondent is questioned thus eliminating the tedious and time-consuming step of deciphering and entering printed responses. Telephone surveys also allow far greater flexibility than other methods in identifying problems and making improvements in the early stages of a study. Whereas each survey method has its place, Resolution Research's expertise in conducting telephone research has proved a huge benefit to our clients.


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