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"I just wanted to send a quick thanks to everyone! I have received more compliments on the quality of the recruiting for this project than any other project I can remember - which is saying a lot since this is one of our toughest audiences to reach."

Tricia Hoff

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Qualitative research requires exceptional attention to detail, beginning at the recruitment phase, without which the entire research project would fail. Resolution Research excels in targeting and engaging highly specialized and oftentimes elusive recruits, such as CEOs of Fortune 500 IT companies, key opinion leaders, doctors specializing in new treatments, consumers with “embarrassing” ailments or rare diseases, soccer moms, government employees, and so forth. Simply put, Resolution can recruit and/or interview virtually any person, anywhere, with any profile desired for market research focus groups and all other qualitative and quantitative research methods. This ability and expertise stems from our strict standards, management involvement, extensive experience, innovative & intelligent recruitment techniques and client commitment. In addition, our methodology for study confirmation (including re-screening) consistently delivers very high show rates of interested and interactive participants.

It’s also worth noting that all Resolution Research employees work in-house with close supervision. Employees possess comprehensive interviewing experience applicable across all industries and are first-rate focus group recruiters. Nonetheless, extensive training and pre-interview research is conducted prior to project commencement, assuring that the entire staff is equipped with the knowledge and information needed to meet the study objective. With the right tools and knowledge in place, Resolution Research is prepared to intelligently recruit and interview each audience and industry. Our attention to detail and precision remains the same for any type study, whether it’s a brief customer satisfaction survey or an in-depth exploration of complex topics.

From focus group recruiting to recruitment for in-depth interviews, Resolution Research has an unrivaled reputation for excellence and reliability.

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