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Shadow juries provide daily feedback to the litigation team from jury-eligible individuals who attend the trial. Attendees supply immediate reactions and comments to the day’s events: Which way are they leaning and why? Which side provided the strongest opening statements? How believable was specific testimony?

Benefits of a shadow jury include the ability to:

  • Obtain immediate feedback regarding perception of arguments;
  • Determine whether primary points are coming across as intended ;
  • Gauge influence of specific evidence or testimony;
  • Understand witness credibility;
  • Identify misunderstandings or confusion and prepare to correct those on the next day of trial.

Resolution Research recruits individuals for shadow juries who not only match all the required demographic traits, but who are committed and can attend the trial for the duration necessary. Prior to the first day of the trial, Resolution provides to each participant maps, parking directions and other detailed information (expectations, etc.), as well as reminders for attendance confirmation. In most cases, your firm both manages & debriefs the shadow jurors and also distributes incentives to participants.

Resolution Research has recruited and organized shadow juries across the nation. In one example, Resolution recruited participants to attend a trial in Alabama regarding a tobacco industry lawsuit, from 9am-5pm, everyday, for a 6-week period.

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