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Resolution Research® regularly recruits physicians and medical professionals to participate in one-on-one, in-depth telephone interviews and focus groups. Resolution Research provides scheduling & pre-interview materials, conducts follow-up verification & reminder calls and handles rescheduling, which is often necessary with this busy and difficult-to-reach population. In addition, Resolution manages honorarium distribution as desired.  A few study topics for which we have recruited include exploring treatment options for age-related macular degeneration with retinal specialists, interviews with Key Opinion Leaders in the study of dyslipidemia, and the use of implantable neurological devices with high-level neurosurgeons and anesthesiologists.

Resolution Research also conducts recruitment for a plethora of patient medical studies, which require extensive screening & recruitment, and may necessitate scheduling and ongoing appointment reminders as well as extended tracking. Study topics have covered drug & alcohol abuse, depression and other mental health subjects, inherited genetic predispositions, gene therapy, hemophilia, breast cancer, limb loss, diabetes, deep brain stimulation and dry eye syndrome, to name a few. In addition to strict screening criteria and quota requirements, many investigations require recruits to complete clinical treatment and testing over an extended period of time -- Resolution supports these continued scheduling requirements as well. Resolution has also conducted thousands of interviews with patients regarding satisfaction with their medical provider or insurance company. Satisfaction studies tend to be conducted online or via telephone interviews.


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