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Resolution Research’s® expertise includes the recruitment, management, maintenance and hosting of proprietary panels for companies requiring ongoing and immediate access to opinions. Panels provide reduced costs and continuous feedback, which result in better decision-making capabilities and greater brand intelligence. We separate ourselves from other firms by our availability, flexibility, and forward-thinking services in designing your panel. Additionally, following initial development we can conduct all or some of the desired panel research. Our services include everything from recruiting panelists to participate in internal studies, to hosting studies, to simply managing incentives or panel preservation.

The benefits of a custom online panel include:

  • More research for less money;
  • "Just-in-time" access to untapped sources of opinions & insight;
  • Easy-to-implement follow-up probes or "after-the-fact" questions;
  • Instant results & responses that can be tracked over time.  

Custom Panel Hosting:
Resolution Research’s panel management software, which uses an online platform, manages all data collection and ongoing maintenance. This platform allows Resolution to:

  • Develop a branded panel website for your company;
  • Manage frequency of contact with panel members;
  • Extract balanced, statistically correct samples based on stored demographic information;
  • Select panelists based on their activity in previous surveys;
  • Intelligently calculate the response rate, which maximizes sample availability for other ongoing research projects;
  • Establish and manage a point system for respondent incentives;
  • Provide a log-in page for panelist to access & update their personal information and view their survey history & points;
  • Ensure respondent confidentiality through a secure site.
  • Remote login to easily access user-friendly top line demographic reports.

Example of Panel Recruitment: Resolution Research recruited 300 customers across six different industry types to participate in a year-long study requiring the completion of a monthly online survey and ongoing bulletin board. In addition to managing the recruitment element, Resolution also sent survey links and tracked participation, conducting follow-up phone calls as necessary to reach the desired level of involvement. Results of this particular study were used to create an economic index by better understanding customer spending habits and measuring the effect of economic fluctuations on budgets by industry. Resolution Research runs all aspects of internal panel development, from survey programming & hosting (reflecting the desired company brand) to administration and reporting.

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