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"Resolution Research was very responsive and (impossibly) flexible with all the quirks required by IRB for recruitment. We will certainly keep you in mind down the road and you have our recommendation any time an opportunity comes up."

Scott Campbell
University of Michigan
Flint, MI

> Focus Group, Teleweb, and IDI Recruitment & Interviewing

Resolution Research® expertly recruits targeted participants for market research focus groups, telewebs – focus groups held via the web or web & telephone – and in-depth interviews (IDI’s) - conducted in-person or on the telephone.

Our focus group recruiters follow a very specialized process to assure that persons meet the exact requirements for participation and are committed to and prepared for the interview, teleweb or focus group. Participants are highly screened by Resolution Research to meet the client’s needs for the project. Participants enrolled for a particular study are also re-screened by management for quality assurance. Further assurances for participation are achieved through several overlapping processes: email confirmation, which includes any instructions that are needed (such as a document review or directions to a facility); telephone confirmation the day of or day before the interview; mailed notecard with appointment details; and almost always, a pre-incentive to thank the recruit in advance for his/her participation and time. Resolution also manages honoraria and incentive distribution after the interview is complete. Furthermore, Resolution is available toll-free to all participants before (and during) the interview to help alleviate any last-minute obstacles.

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