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"Its been my experience that Resolution Research® is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our groups run smoothly. They provide quality recruits who meet our specifications accompanied by superior show rates."

Rich Thau, President
Presentation Testing

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Resolution Research® is an industry leader in the arena of recruiting targeted, high-level individuals for participation in research projects. Resolution frequently recruits C-level executives to participate in focus groups, one-on-one interviews, bulletin boards and teleweb conferences. Screening requirements for participants are generally multi-faceted and extremely stringent. For example, some surveys are conducted in-person and video recorded at the executive’s office, which may require multiple directors to be present for the interview. Naturally, extreme finesse and professional interaction must occur to recruit this type of audience. Resolution Research provides recruits a personal thank you note and pre-incentive along with research details for the study. After the study is complete, Resolution distributes the promised incentive or honorarium to the participants.

Executive recruitment hails respondents from a variety of industries – including BioTech, LifeScience, Medical, R&D, IT, CROs, etc. Company size usually ranges from midsized to large and most have a global presence.

Resolution Research utilizes several methods for targeting appropriate respondents, including secondary research, specialized databases and panel. Our recruiters utilize CATI and CAWI systems to contact key individuals and populations. We succeed where other companies fail with these difficult recruitment projects because we are forward-thinking and acting, experienced and committed to take the steps necessary to make the project a success. Our clients are repeat and long-term.
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