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Resolution Research® regularly recruits consumers for focus groups, usability tests, online bulletin boards, online surveys and panels covering almost any topic imaginable. Participants may be customers or simply persons with the necessary demographic attributes for the project. During recruitment, the project manager confirms eligibility, interest, and availability. Before the actual study commences, recruits are provided a pre-incentive which generally both offers a lower cost per interview and increases participation in the future study.
Recruitment example for an online survey: Resolution Research conducted a national consumer purchasing study by randomly dialing hundreds of thousands of households to recruit 1,500 consumers who had recently purchased home electronics to participate in a survey. Qualified respondents were sent a pre-incentive payment, as well as an email containing a personalized, unique link to a two-hour online survey regarding their electronics purchasing experiences. Resolution Research managed the mailing of formal letters and pre-incentives to encourage participation, as well as mailing participant incentive checks for completed surveys. In addition, persons were recruited from this group for in-person, in-home interviews.

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