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“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, & increased constantly, or it vanishes.”
Peter F. Drucker

Resolution Research® maintains its own screened and double opt-in research panel of diverse persons across the world. Our panel is the result of a grass-roots effort built over a number of years. A high number of our panelists have been recruited by our research staff through telephone surveys and other research techniques, resulting in a group of individuals who are genuinely interested in participating in research and sharing their opinions.

A broad profile of our panel includes: medical doctors & key opinion leaders (KOLs); IT & business executives; persons with particular diseases/illnesses; college students, professors, & administrators; Millennials, Boomers, & Seniors and almost any type of person you can imagine. And, if we don’t have who you’re looking for, we’ll find them. Recruiting the impossible is our specialty!

Our panel continues to grow in size & scope every day. By maintaining and constantly growing the Resolution Panel, we are able to provide a cost-effective way of completing a wide array of research such as recruitment projects, surveys, focus groups, product tests, in-person interviews and most all types of high tech fielding as well. Resolution Research offers clients the ability to participate in our Omnibus Research Program which surveys 1,200 respondents on a quarterly basis. When you only need to ask a few questions, or a full research project isn’t in the budget, this approach excels as by allowing a few questions to be answered at a very affordable price.

Check out this video for more info on joining panel:

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