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At Resolution Research®, we know that one size does not fit all when recruiting online panels. We customize our recruitment efforts to match each project by using numerous sources and a variety of methodologies. These include, but are not limited to, telephone recruitment, targeted search engine marketing, email campaigns, and referrals. Panel members are recruited exclusively using permission-based techniques and our recruitment process includes a double opt-in confirmation. This not only ensures the panel member re-confirms their interest in joining, but also means the member cannot join the panel without providing a valid email address and sufficient details for profiling.

At Resolution Research we strive to provide our clients with engaged survey respondents who enjoy voicing their honest opinions.

Example of Panel Recruitment: Resolution Research recruited 300 customers across six different industry types to participate in a year-long study requiring the completion of a monthly online survey and ongoing bulletin board. In addition to managing the recruitment element, Resolution also sent survey links and tracked participation, conducting follow-up phone calls as necessary to reach the desired level of involvement. Results of this particular study were used to create an economic index by better understanding customer spending habits and measuring the effect of economic fluctuations on budgets by industry. Resolution Research runs all aspects of internal panel development, from survey programming & hosting (reflecting the desired company brand) to administration and reporting.

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