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Twist & Pout® Lip Balm sells over 1,000,000 units a year as highlighted on 9News Colorado

December 14, 2010 - Back in 2009, when Twist & Pout® Lip Balm, then known as Ballmania Lip Balm, first approached Resolution Research, they were facing a bit of an identity crisis. They had a fabulous lip balm product -- as functional as it was fun – but needed a new product name and a new approach in marketing, messaging, and merchandise.

Resolution conducted an online survey of its consumer panel to explore women’s attitudes and opinions regarding product names, packaging, design, colors, and even lip balm flavors. Focus groups, matching Ballmania’s target audience, were also conducted confirming and exploring the same topics. Ultimately, the research results came in loud and clear -- change the product name to from Ballmania to Twist & Pout and change product placement with Big Box retailers!

Twist & Pout was now armed with the vital information necessary to rapidly move forward – the name was changed and Big Box retailers were presented the undeniable findings necessary to gain tremendously better product placement and hence more sales. In fact, Twist & Pout experienced a near immediate 178% increase in sales and development of new contracts with Big Box retailers!

Now, Twist & Pout successfully sells over 1,000,000 products a year and is in the news! Check out this video from 9News highlighting the production and creative process of Twist & Pout Lip Balm.

Resolution Research even has its own Twist & Pout –check it out, we love it! Thank you, Twist & Pout!

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