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"I have had great success working with Resolution Research®. The staff is very pleasant to work with and the results are excellent. I highly recommend them to anyone needing to field business surveys."

MaryAnne Winniford, Research Analyst

> Data Tabulation

Our computerized system allows for advanced, fast and accurate data manipulation. Resolution Research® begins the tabulation the minute data entry is completed and tabulates every question asked, including open-ended questions.

We offer the following forms of statistical manipulation:

  • Frequency distribution, ranking, means, and medians
  • Advertising Index Benefit - indicates how beneficial advertising a particular feature might be in terms of attracting customers
  • Maximum usage rate
  • Performance/success rates
  • Standard deviations and standard errors
  • T-tests
  • Chi-squares
  • Difference between proportions tests
  • Pearson Correlation & partial correlation
  • Multiple regression
  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
  • Verbatim reports
  • Cross-tabulation - We can organize your database according to how different groups of people answer questions by applying cross-tabs (industry jargon for sub-classifications). For example, we can produce tables based upon how different groups respond to the questions in your survey geographically, demographically, or by virtually any criteria you choose. We can show you how the answers of respondents who use the Internet vary from those that don't, or how the frequency of medical visits breaks down among patients according to their occupation.
  • Graphs and charts - We can produce two-dimensional and three-dimensional chart types, including area charts, bar charts, and many other types of charts and graphs.

> Data Entry

Wondering what to do with all the data you have? Our computerized stations allow for rapid and accurate data entry. You give us the information you've gathered - or we collect it for you - then we data punch it into our computerized system. Once all the data is entered, we tabulate the responses to each question so you can make sense of your material.

> Database Management

Is your customer list up-to-date with valid phone numbers and addresses? We can merge it, purge it, and make it as good as new through call tracking. In addition, we can add fields and prepare sorts to make your database even more efficient. Resolution Research® calls customers to update their records. Phone numbers that cannot be reached are searched through a nationwide database that is updated continuously. Once the telephone numbers are updated, we call again to verify their information. Customers who are no longer with your firm are removed from your current database and held separately. Of course, being able to reach your customers saves you time and money, and in many cases increases customer satisfaction.


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